Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finding Joy

Hello Everyone!

I wish I could share everything I experience here, but more than anything, I see miracles every day in my life and in our work. I am so happy. My companion always has to tell me not to look at her when we are laughing … we can never stop laughing and we need to stop, because we always have to go and teach someone. It is kind of like how I am with my sisters. We have so much fun and we feel such joy. The message we share is a very serious and holy message, but we teach it with complete happiness and joy, because that is what people can receive through the gospel of Jesus Christ! We have experienced so much together. We love these people together, and we have worked so hard together. We either experience the funniest things in my life, or the most spiritual and touching things. We see real change in the people we teach, and have real and lasting friendships with the people we teach. We all try to draw closer to our Savior together. It is so cute because some of our investigators call us every day, just to see how we are doing! One man named Charles was taught a little by other missionaries before we met him, and he always just says that we are different. Not that the other missionaries were bad, but I know that we needed to testify to Charles; that we are meant to know and teach Charles. I truly belong exactly where I am, meeting the people I prayed to love and was prepared to meet. Love you all!

Sister Vance

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